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Ending Child sex trafficking one life at a time.

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Victims of child sex trafficking that receive short-term care are more likely to end up back in trafficking. At Emerging Grace Ministries, we are providing one of the first long-term care programs to heal child sex trafficking survivors.

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Every child deserves to be protected. No child is for sale. End child sex trafficking today.

Changing One Life At A Time


We know this fight cannot be won alone. We are reaching out to our communities and providing education to end the exploitation of children.


When a child sex trafficking victim is rescued, they are taken from everything they know. It takes time for them to be able to heal and avoid re-victimization. We are one of the first long-term care programs to allow full recovery.


Renew the spirit of survivors. Our campus will be dedicated to the renewing of each child's mind, body, and spirit.

We know this can be overwhelming

See how you can join us in the fight against child sex trafficking today!

Change A Life

We believe that by

God's Grace

we are all healed.